Mo Godin

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Where I live:

Boston, Ma

What I do:

Experience Design

What I believe:

Design has two sides


Visual artifacts that use
elegance to please the eye.


Critical thinking and testing
as a means to solve problems.

Great visual design can solve problems but to
truly make change, systems thinking precedes
graphic work

No challenge, no design:

Design solves problems through a mix of creativity and empathy

Some design challenges I’ve worked on

Scout Events

How do you design events and live experiences that inspire students across campus?

Smart Seafood

How do you design packaging that encourages smart and sustainable shopping choices?

Unstuck Lifecourses

How do you design an online education platform that both delights users and causes real change in their lives?

How do you re-design an eCommerce user flow to double conversions and increase average cart size?

What I also believe:

Leading teams and managing projects are essential parts of the designer’s toolbox

Some leadership challenges I’ve worked on

Habitat for Humanity

Inspired and coordinated hundreds student volunteers from 30 high schools. Built five homes for returning veterans.


Worked with a team of four to ideate, design and build a product at StartupWeekend Boston. Then pitched the concept to a crowd of 300, ran a live demo and won 2nd place.

Scout Design & Everyday Speech

Lead a team of four designers and developers to rebuild a video teaching platform for autistic children. Ran the whole process in agile, serving as product manager and design lead.

Worked on a non-profit's first purely social media campaign. Coordinated with humane societies and shelter networks across the country to get 500 pets adopted.

That’s what I do.